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Let Fresh Press take this chore off your hands.

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Ironing Gift Vouchers

Treat someone special

Trying to think of a unique yet practical gift to give to your loved ones or friends, or just to say thank you?  Or you have an elderly parent/relative who is unable to do their own ironing then buy them an Ironing Voucher and we will take care of their ironing to the value of the voucher you choose.


Vouchers come in 3 different types:

Voucher 1:   Clothing Items,

Voucher 2:   Bedding Items,

Voucher 3:   Clothing and Bedding Items Mixed.

Choose any price starting from £10.


The way it works:

You choose how much you want to pay (from £10).

Then decide which voucher you would like to purchase  (Type 1, 2, or 3)

We will then let you know how many items can be ironed for the value of the voucher which you choose.


Payments for the vouchers can be made through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Postal Order.  

(There will be a small charge of 50p for PayPal payments, this is due to us being charged by PayPal for receiving payments.  There will be NO charge for Bank Transfer Or Postal Orders)        


Once paid for, your voucher can be emailed to either you or the recipient to print out, or posted to you or the recipient.   If you prefer us to post your voucher we ask that you send us a stamped addressed envelope.

(Please note:  Each voucher will have it's own unique number to prevent duplicating).


Ironing Vouchers will be valid for 6 months from purchase date.

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