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Welcome To My FM Designer Branded Fragrances

About FM Fragrances

FM Fragrances are Designer Inspired,  Same smells.  They are not watered down like high street ones. Instead of watering down, FM use more oils.

FM does not sell fakes. You will never see another logo on our products. Only ours. We don’t pretend to be anything or anyone else. The packaging is FM, the ingredients are FM, the models and image campaign are all FM, and the names of our perfumes are FM numbers. The only reason you might think it is “fake” is because our scents are all inspired by the top 150 perfumes in the world. But let us tell you:

Fact #1 85% of designer perfumes are made by the same company that supplies us with our ingredients in Europe

Fact #2 is that our perfume is graded higher. So if you have been settling for Eau de Toilette all your life and have been paying hundreds, you can now enjoy the scent that you deserve and upgrade to a more concentrated fragrance and pay less. This is the wonderful offer that FM is giving the world!

So who are FM Fragrances and why are they so cheap? 

How can they do it? • 
Are they fake? • Are they an illegal copy of the designer brand? •Is the quality inferior? 
The answer to all these questions is NO. 

Here is the real story about the perfume industry.

FM perfumes come from a factory in Munich, Germany, who are market leaders, with a share of over 80%, which makes them the largest perfume developers and producers in the world.
The Designer only owns their bottle design and packaging, and of course the brand name and the distinctive logo.
FM purchases the same fragrance essence from the same container and gives it a number.
The question is, is this legal? The answer is YES.
You cannot copyright a Perfume, as you can not see it and every person has a different opinion on what they smell. However you can copyright a Designer name and of course a Designer Brand.
FM Perfumes design their own bottle and packaging and give their new fragrance a number i.e. FM33. 
Both the Designer and FM33 oil are from the same container. What are the differences?
FM use 20% PURE oil to be classified as a Eau De Parfum. Designers use around 16% oil.
This is where a very slight differentiation in smell may occur as ours tend to be stronger.
Through direct selling this is how we are able to offer fantastic prices at a fraction of the cost!

150 scents available.  Mens aftershave also available 

How come it is so affordable? Because it is distributed by everyday people. We don’t have to pay:

* Millions to Celebrity Endorsers

* Millions to Ad Agencies

* Millions to Television Networks

* Millions to Department stores

FM Group chooses to use a network of Distributors to sell our products. The money normally spent on celebrity endorsements, TV Ads & billboards, models and retail stores is used to create new fragrances and product lines and most importantly paying and rewarding FM distributors.

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